Summer Must-Have: Shwings – wings for your shoes!

Yeah, that’s right. Shwings are wings for your shoes and you need ’em! It’s the first day of Summer and I’ve got the cool scoop on the hottest new accessory. Whether you’re a tot, teen, or even an adult, you can find a pair of Shwings (or two or three) that suit your style and give your shoes a fun, eye-catching look. Easy to use with practically any kind of shoe, just lace or strap Shwings on to your shoes and step to the front of the line. You’re a trend-setter now. Pick a few colors and layer them up, go both sides of your shoe for maximum effect, or create your own unique ways to rock Shwings. Any way you lace or strap them on, you can’t go wrong.


Visit the Shwings website for a preview of Shwings Nation and to see the initial styles available, then head over to their Facebook page and give them a like.

Currently available in 12 colors, these are available to retailers now, yes now, so if you’re interested in having these in your store (you will sell lots), contact us right away and we’ll get you set-up with everything you need!