You can vote to help decide new Squishable designs!

Squishable is constantly churning out fantastic new designs for you to grab and squeeze, but did you know you can take part in the process? Absolutely! Head on over to their voting page to see a nice long list of potential Squishable candidates, like Arctic Fox, Walrus, Chinchilla, Loch Ness Monster, Mammoth, Puffin, Yeti, Skunk, the mighty Jackalope and so many more. You better believe I’ve been placing votes on my favorites! Don’t worry Nessy, I’ll get you up to the top!

Squishable Voting Page

Too bad they can’t make them all, so they need your help: vote, vote, vote! When it’s time to create some new critters, they’ll tally the votes and the prospective ideas with the most will get sent on to the design/prototype stage to see if they’ll join the large, round, wonderfully fuzzy world of Squishable. I’d hope Simon Cowell was involved in the process somehow…cue English accent, “Llama, I like your potential, good style…I’m going to say yes. You’re going on to Hollywood!” Simon Cowell or no Simon Cowell, it’s pretty darn cool that you an be so closely tied to a company’s production process, don’t you think?